About us

At Kuber, we believe there is a better way to do business online. A more responsible and smarter way where your customers turn into your best sales team. Kuber provides a new-age customer experience that is designed to help businesses attract, engage and retain their customers. Our mission is to help our customers grow faster while doing the greater good at no additional cost to them and we’re obsessively passionate about it

Jiten Pandya

CEO, Kuber Digital

About Kuber

We’re a company of builders. Enabled by people and powered by technology, we are not just an ecommerce platform, we are a strategic partner to our customers because we believe that building a business is not a 100-metre sprint, it’s a marathon. Helping customers every step of the way in their online journey to help boost their revenue, providing efficient support and shining a spotlight on their success. We win when our customers succeed.

Where Does the Name “Kuber" Come From?

Kuber is a name inspired from a Sanskrit word “Kubera” – the lord of commerce and wealth.

Our Core Values

Our values underpin every aspect of our business in the way we relate to you, our customer; how our employees conduct themselves; our decision-making processes; and the products and services we offer you.

  • We are Responsible

  • We are Investor in people

  • We are Reliable

Our Management Team

Meet the five indispensable pillars of Kuber, who have made Kuber more than just a business. Kuber capitalizes on the extensive industry experience and vision of these prominent thought leaders, to enable and help customers simplify, transform, and accelerate their business for success.

Jiten Pandya

Chief Executive Officer

Jiten has over 3 decades of proven experience in managing several profitable companies, specialising in fashion industry sector for both retail and wholesale distribution.
Over the course of last ten years, he has acted as a consultant to several businesses, advising them on restructure and refinancing with special emphasis on Sales and Finance.
With a passion to help businesses grow online, Jiten is a strong leader and motivator, who believes that a good business is all about empowering his team to achieve their best potential.

Alok Dhari Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Alok is a techie and a problem solver at heart. His pragmatic nature often helps solve a problem in the simplest of ways. He has a ton of experience in working in sectors ranging from fintech to charity, he is responsible for all things tech at Kuber.

He has a masters degree in AI and Robotics, and loves to automate what he can. With a strong technical pedigree and a background in software and data engineering, Alok ensures that Kuber can leverage new technologies to improve customer service and ensure that the current technological framework is serving the organization as required.

Kiko Corsentino

Chief Product Officer

Kiko is a digital entrepreneur and an advisor with a vivid passion to transform ideas in a profitable company. He helps companies and brands to achieve excellence in digital business, marketing and e-commerce, thanks to a complete and varied training in project and product management, strategic marketing and branding, business modelling and design.
He started and built up several companies in different industries, and his experience allows Kuber to better compete in the trending topics of eCommerce markets to achieve best results.

Stephen Sharpe

Chief Marketing Officer

Stephen is a respected communications specialist with extensive experience in both consumer and Business to Business marketing. This experience includes establishing and building one of the UK’s top-ten business-to-business communications agencies, with several household names as clients including Vodafone, Skandia, Nokia, Qualcomm and BMI Healthcare.

Stephen’s combination of strategic thinking, creativity, commercial acumen, pragmatism and project management gives any organisation on whose behalf he works, a distinct advantage when it comes to hard hitting, persuasive marketing communications.
Having sold his agency in 2011 he then joined the UK ‘s National Government Awareness Campaign for Internet Safety where he was Communication Director for 5 years.

Vishal Dev Bector

Chief Information Officer

Vishal has over 15+ years’ experience within Banking and consulting. Vishal has helped create market leading products for Investment Banking clients, corporate, and consumer customers.

Vishal has also extensive experience within Global BPO processes that have brought efficiency to blue chip companies via AI and RPA transformation.

Vishal will head Strategy for Kuber and build a leading edge Partnership and Alliance network.

Hardik Acharya

Project Director

Hardik is a system engineer and project manager with immense passion for working with new technologies. With over 19 years of experience in IT industry, he has partnered with several MNC companies and has played a key role in business growth.
As project director at Kuber, he assumes the task of overseeing entire development operations. His experience in managing complex IT infrastructure along with great software development insight will allow us to achieve the most desirable outcomes for our end-users.